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Certificates &

We work every day to further optimize our products in terms of sustainability and performance. We have them certified so that you can be sure that they really are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. Here we present our certificates. Important: Even seals can never represent an ultimate truth – there are certainly some that are more meaningful than others. But if they come from independent institutions – like the following ones – then they at least offer you the best possible orientation. Tip: You can learn more about sustainable seals and certificates on the Siegelklarheit platform.


ecocert logo
About the certificate

We are pleased that many of our products already carry the Ecocert certificate: 50% of our household products and even 100% of our natural cosmetics products. Ecocert is an international, independent control association with headquarters in France, which tests products for their natural ingredients as well as their natural and ecological quality.

Today, Ecocert is one of the best known labels in the field of standardization of household products and enjoys a high level of trust due to the strict testing and evaluation of products. You can therefore be sure that the raw materials of our certified products come from renewable sources and are processed in an environmentally friendly and gentle way.

Cosmos Natural

logo cosmos natural
About the certificate

Especially in the field of natural cosmetics and organic certifications, there are numerous colorful labels that can be found on the products. Some labels are often not official, but company-owned seals. For a clear and consumer-friendly declaration, the COSMOS seal was created. It is an internationally recognized and independent seal for certified natural cosmetics. The following criteria must be fulfilled by the products in order to meet the COSMOS standard:

  • Indication of the amount of natural ingredients

  • Promotion of the use of products from organic farming and preservation of organic diversity

  • Responsible use of natural resources  

  • Respect for the environment

  • Use of processing and manufacturing methods that take into account the impact on human health and the environment

By certifying our NATURAL CARE products with the COSMOS NATURAL certificate, you can be sure that our products have met the listed criteria.


vegane blume logo
About the certificate

Did you know that the terms "vegan" and "vegetarian" are not yet legally protected? So that you can be sure that something is really vegan or vegetarian, we have our products certified by the Vegan Trademark by the Vegan Society. The Vegan Trademark is an internationally recognized and protected trademark that identifies products as vegan.

In order for a product to be awarded the Vegan Trademark, it must not contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or raw materials derived from animals. Also, no animal materials may be used during production and no animal testing may be performed in any production step. Here we have an article for you why our everdrop products are vegan.


dermatest logo
About the certificate

Dermatest is an internationally renowned company based in Germany. They test products for their dermatological compatibility, i.e. how the skin reacts to a product.

Those clinical dermatological tests are performed to the highest standards by a testing team of dermatologists and biologists. Many of our products carry the original DERMATEST® seal and were rated "very good" in the test. Would you like to learn more about skin compatibility, e.g. which detergent is suitable for sensitive skin?


flustix logo
About the certificate

The Flustix seal "Product content without microplastics" certifies products, in particular cosmetics and hygiene products, that are manufactured without microplastics. Microplastics are solid and insoluble synthetic materials that are smaller than five millimeters.

The certification excludes all types of plastic and thus offers customers a reliable guide for environmentally conscious shopping. This means you can be sure that our certified products do not release microplastics into the wastewater.

Here you can find more information about microplastics in cosmetics and care products and why we do not use them.


Global organic textile standard

GOTS logo
About the certificate

The GOTS seal is probably the most recognized seal in terms of environmental criteria for textiles made from organically produced natural fibers. It gives you the assurance that all the requirements that ensure sustainable production of textiles have been met. The seal was developed to establish a globally recognized requirement for organic textiles.

It covers the manufacturing, transport and use phases of textiles, and also verifies social conditions in the supply chain. All factories in the supply chain must be certified and undergo an on-site inspection once a year in order for end products to carry the GOTS seal.