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Here you can find out what we use to make our various packaging, storage boxes and bottles and how you can recycle them. By the way: we also focus on sustainability when shipping your everdrop package. By shipping with DHL GoGreen, the emissions generated during shipping are already offset by DHL.



The latest generation of our powder and tab sachets is made of FSC/PEFC-certified paper. To protect the products contained in the sachets from external influences (especially moisture), the paper also has an innovative coating based on harvest waste. Please note: There are still sachets of the previous generation in circulation. Since we do not want to produce unnecessary waste, we are still using up the remaining stock. These sachets are 100 percent free of plastic films, aluminium, fluorocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and optical brighteners.


Paper bags

Since we do not use plastics in our disposable packaging, our bags are made of paper. This means that we use a renewable raw material. A thread made of organic cotton is sewn into the bags to close them.

After use, you can dispose of our bags - with the thread - in the waste paper and thus return them to the recycling cycle. The thread is sieved out in the recycling process and then thermally recycled. You can therefore also dispose of it directly in the residual waste.


storage boxes

Our storage boxes are made in Germany from tinplate. Tinplate is almost 100% recyclable and has a low loss of quality. This packaging protects our products from light and decay - it is also robust and durable.

If you ever want to dispose of your storage box, you can simply put it in the yellow bag or recycling bin and return it to the raw material cycle.


Our plastic bottles are made almost entirely from recycled material. (For the rHDPE bottles it is "only" 98%, we explain why below.) The plastics we use for our bottles are so-called thermoplastics, i.e. they can always be melted down again and thus fed into the recycling cycle.

RPET Flaschen

bottles made from rpet

Our retail cleaning and dishwashing bottles are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). This material is particularly light and wear-resistant. It is therefore ideal for long-term use.

If you no longer want to use your plastic bottle, you can simply dispose of it in the yellow bag or in the recycling bin and thus return it to the raw material cycle. The cap can also be disposed of in the yellow bag or in the recycling bin. You should pay attention to the following:

If your bottle has a pump dispenser or a spray head, please separate it from the bottle before disposing of it!

If your bottle has a so-called disc or fliptop cap, we ask you not to separate it from the bottle. The reason: these parts are smaller than 2 cm and could therefore be ejected as individual parts right at the beginning in the recycling plant and sent for thermal recycling instead of being recycled.


Bottles made from rhdpe

Our shower gel and toilet cleaner bottles are made from recycled high-density polyethylene (rHDPE). This material is particularly tough, flexible and can withstand a lot of stretching. It also has a high resistance to chemicals. Therefore, it is optimally suited for long-term use.

Our rHDPE bottles are made of 98% recycled material. But why isn't it 100%? The body of the bottle is made entirely of recycled material, but it is dyed and printed so that you can distinguish whether you are holding the rinse aid or the toilet cleaner. A few colour pigments are used in this printing, which are not yet available in recycled form. Therefore, we cannot speak of 100% recycled material.


Glas bottles

Our glass bottles are made in Germany and are designed to last as long as possible. The body of the bottle has a minimum of 25 percent recycled glass, which comes from nearby recycling centres.

If your glass bottle has reached the end of its life, you can easily dispose of it in your local white glass container and return it to the raw material cycle. Please remember to separate the bottle body from the cap (i.e. spray head, pump dispenser or atomiser). The cap belongs in the yellow bag or the recycling bin.

Versand Verpackungen everdrop nachhaltiger Karton

shipping packaging

To ensure that our products reach you safely, our shipping packaging is made of corrugated cardboard. Despite its low weight, this material can withstand heavy loads and thus offers optimal protection for our products.

In the best case, you can reuse our boxes as shipping packages or use them as storage boxes (in dry rooms). If you no longer need them, you can simply dispose of them in the waste paper.

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