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Nowadays, supply chains are usually highly complex and often spread all over the world. This also means long transport routes and possibly non-transparent production conditions. We want to do things differently. That is why 95 percent of our suppliers are located in Europe. Almost 80 percent of our manufacturers are even located within a radius of 500 kilometres from our logistics centre in Baden-Württemberg.

For some products, we have not yet succeeded in finding a sustainable supplier in Europe, which is why we also work with a few partners outside Europe. Here too, of course, the premise is to choose the most sustainable route. We source some textile products from India. There we have trustworthy partners who process the local cotton under fair conditions directly on site. This is also certified by the GOTS seal. For quite some time, our spray heads came from China – due to the pandemic and the associated need for disinfectants, there was a worldwide "spray head crisis"  and there was no other way for us to obtain spray heads. Since summer 2022, however, we again have an european partner in Italy for this purpose.

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we take responsibility

We only want to work with suppliers who, just like us, do everything they can to keep the ecological footprint of their products as low as possible. However, we are not only concerned about environmental sustainability, but also about social sustainability. That's why we are also actively committed to fair working conditions and against any form of discrimination in our supply chain. A trusting cooperation with our partners requires a common understanding of values and compliance with clear rules and standards. To this end, we have drawn up a so-called "Code of Conduct". It obliges us and our suppliers to comply with these basic values. You can view our Code of Conduct (PDF) here.

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