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9 bathroom refill tablets for you

The solution for combatting limescale and plastic waste

Our cleaning tablets dissolve into bathroom cleaner quickly and easily.
Our bathroom cleaner easily removes limescale and soap residue and makes your bathroom shine again without any unnecessary overdosing. This makes for a more sustainable way of cleaning your bathroom and it’s super easy to boot.

  • Powerful against limescale and soap residue

  • Plant-based surfactants

  • Tablet packaging free from plastic film or coating

  • Our paper packaging can be thrown in the paper bin

  • Vegan and free from microplastics

  • Readily biodegradable (according to the OECD measuring method)

  • Tabs made in Germany

only 1,00 Europer cleaning tab

Your Impact

You save a single-use plastic bottle, with every everdrop tab you use.

You save up to 95 % of CO2 emissions by using our tabs – because liquid product no longer has to be transported unnecessarily across the country in single-use plastic bottles.

We use as many natural ingredients as possible. Our cleaning products are not packed with chemicals, but are still suitable for everyday dirt.


peppermint-rosemary fragrance



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