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A self-cleaning toilet? Bacteria make it possible!

Simply dissolve our powder into toilet cleaner and use it to clean the toilet rim and bowl in a natural and sustainable way thanks to the probiotics it contains. The probiotic microorganisms break down organic deposits in places your toilet brush is unable to reach and prevent your toilet from getting dirty again too quickly.

Our toilet cleaner is a real secret weapon for fighting limescale, urine scale, and stubborn grime, making it the perfect partner for our active toilet tabs. Making toilet hygiene so simple.

  • High washing performance

  • indepth cleaning

  • Fights the cause of unpleasant odours in the long term

  • Natural dye from sweet potato, radish, apple, and cherry

  • With probiotics – the good bacteria

  • Microplastic-free

  • Our paper packaging can be thrown in the paper bin

only 0,51 Europer 100 ml toilet cleaner

Your Impact

For cleaning your toilet in a natural and sustainable way.

We use as many natural ingredients in our plant-based, vegan, biodegradable formulation as possible.

You save up to 90 % of CO2 emissions produced by transportation, when using our powder – because liquid product no longer has to be transported unnecessarily across the country in single-use plastic bottles.


smells softly of lime, lemongrass and patchouli.



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