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Easy stain removal

Our (fabric) stain remover powder is your powerful helper against stains, already effective at 30 degrees! It doesn't leave an unsightly grey film and, with its gentle formula, is even suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatest confirmed this with a “very good” test result.

The powder has a variety of uses: whether directly as an additive to the laundry detergent, for pre-treating laundry or for soaking stained clothing. Our (fabric) stain remover powder really does work – and with readily biodegradable ingredients. This makes stain removal so easy.

  • Does not leave a grey film

  • 97 % natural ingredients

  • Plant-based surfactants

  • Free from fragrances and dyes

  • Vegan and microplastic-free

  • With readily biodegradable ingredients (according to the OECD measurement method)

only 0,83 Europer 100 g stain remover powder

Your Impact

Sustainable and environmentally friendly (fabric) Stain Remover Powder.

Our (fabric) Stain Remover Powder is effective from 30 °C and removes stubborn stains, by using active oxygen.

It is free from microplastics, fragrances, and dyes and is readily biodegradable. Our packaging is made of paper and was produced in a CO2-neutral way. After use, you can throw it in the paper bin or use it as a compost bag.



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