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for gentle cleaning

Protects the finest fibres and reduces your ecological footprint

Our delicates detergent was specially developed to gently clean and take care of your favourite delicate textiles. It also cleans your wool and silk items with a high washing performance.

With its vegan and readily biodegradable ingredients (according to the OECD measurement method), not only is it good for your favourite items of clothing, but also for the environment.

Thanks to our special water hardness concept and compact, plastic-free packaging, it offers you a more sustainable alternative to conventional laundry detergents. When empty, the packaging can be recycled in the paper bin or used as a compost bag.

  • High washing performance

  • No unnecessary fillers

  • Vegan and free from microplastics

  • Readily biodegradable (according to the OECD measuring method)

  • CO2-neutral packaging production

  • Made in Germany

only 0,33 Europer washload

Your Impact

The perfect laundry detergent for your favourite items.

A laundry detergent that is specially developed for your local water hardness. This helps you achieve great washing results with little detergent and no unnecessary chemicals.

You save up to 50 %* surfactants with every load by using our adapted laundry detergent. Surfactants are substances that clean your laundry, but also harm the environment and yourself.

Our refill sachet is made of paper and was produced in a CO2-neutral way. After use, you can throw it in the paper bin or use it as a compost bag.

*compared to the reference formulation of the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW) for regular powdered detergent for moderate water hardness and moderate soiling


subtle lime-neroli-rosewood fragrance



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